At Victory Oil Gram Udyog Association our manufacturing takes place at two different sites to deliver our passion to manufacture and provide premium quality products to our customers. In Victory Oil Gram Udyog Association we have extensive range of products

Kachi Ghani Mustard Oil

Our premium Kachi Ghani Mustard oil is manufactured from hand-picked mustard seeds, using a traditional process but using modern techniques. This traditional technique helps us to retain the high pungency and the natural properties which overall helps in enhancing the taste of the food. Mustard Oil is mainly known for cooking a variety of Indian delicacies this is the only reason why it is found in the kitchen of every Indian household.

Fortified Kachi Ghani Mustard Oil

Fortified Kachi Ghani Mustard Oil has numerous health benefits that are vital for human body. As per research, Mono unsaturated Fatty Acids in daily diet is necessary for humans to maintain a healthy life style. PV Fortified Kachi Ghani Mustard Oil with added Vitamins A&D contains significant amount of MUFA which is needs for daily healthy cooking. PV Fortified Mustard Oil has anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-viral properties.

Hygiene Care Products

Household cleaning products play an essential role to personal and public health. With their ability to loosen and remove soil from a surface, household cleaning products help in achieving a good personal hygiene, in reducing the presence of germs, which cause infectious diseases and extend the useful life of household products and make our homes and workplaces more healthy and pleasant.
Within these different categories, Victory Oil Gram Udyog Association manufacturers different types of products are available, which are formulated with products and ingredients to perform a comprehensive range of cleansing functions as well as to impart specific properties to the product.

Victory Oil Gram Udyog